Life in Lockdown…

So most of the world are currently living in some form of lockdown. For the western world at least, this will be the first time in the majority of people’s lives they have lived with any restriction over their movements. The schools are shut, businesses are closed, and many people find themselves with more free time than they have had in a long time.

Obviously it is a worrying time for most people. Whether that is due to health worries around COVID19, or money worries due to loss of income, the majority of use have something to be worrying about.

But as a Father I have something bigger to concern me. The well-being of my children through this period of history. How will they remember this period in years to come? Will it leave a lasting impression on them memories for the right or the wrong reasons?

I find myself in a semi-fortunate position. A large chunk of my work has gone and is unlikely to return. But I have retained some to keep my ticking over and am hoping to pick up more as the world starts to turn again. But like most I am dealing with a new life of working from home with children around 24/7.

I pride myself on being present with my children. To be there when they want and need me. But how do I do that when I am have work to do? Usually it isn’t an issue as work is in a different location, or when I am working from home they are at school. But now? The two worlds have collided and I don’t mind admitting I am struggling with it.

My children don’t understand I am working and can’t just be at their beck and call. They just want to play, or ask questions, or be fed (mostly be fed). But I have an income to build back up and without some clear focus we could be struggling in a few months time.

There are a lot of challenges about lockdown, but this so far has been the most difficult for me.

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