COVID19; The Lost Years…

Well, where did those 2 years go? Ironic that my last post was at the start of the COVID19 pandemic, and here I am picking things back up with it still going on, albeit hopefully with some sort of end in sight.

Since then the only people looking at this blog have been the comment spammers. So if anybody is in need of V1agra, p0rn of Gambling links then I have a whole list I can send to you 😂

Thankfully the last 2 years have been kind to me overall. The first shockwave of the pandemic was brutal. Work disappeared overnight, a job offer was retracted, and the outlook was uncertain for 6 weeks or so. I was always strangely positive though. I knew flexibility of workforce would be in demand, I knew my skills were still needed, and I believed it was just a matter of time. I turned out to be right.

Businesses came out of the woodwork looking for support. Some needed to pivot online. Some were launching pandemic related products. And others were all of a sudden not having location as a key criteria which opened up new opportunities.


Work aside, things were interesting during the school lockdowns. I have never had more respect for teachers than I had after homeschooling 3 children for 8 weeks. Why is it they can get such glowing school reports every time but when it comes to homeschooling getting them to sit in front of a laptop for 30 minutes and listen proves such an impossible task?

The biggest risk to my sanity in 2022 is another lockdown and period of homeschooling!

Now to 2022 and the Future

Assuming we don’t get into an endless cycle of COVID variants and lockdowns, it feels like we are now able to look a little more into the future. For the last 2 years my outlook, and many others too, has been completely short term. Focussing on the nearest milestone ahead of us and reaching it unscathed. I hope we are now out of this and can look a little further into the future.

I am back here blogging, and hope to be able to do so more regularly. I have a number of business interests to keep me busy and growth targets to focus on. My family are safe, and doing well on all fronts, long may that continue.

2022 feels like a restart on the real world. Let’s hope it stays that way.

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